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I have a fun community site where I host free and paid classes as well as an art journal group with prompts and inspirational videos. I hope you can join us!
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Building A Nest

The last post I wrote about not feeling a need to force myself to share. And about how good it felt to just let go of that pressure. I have begun to grow in ways I never expected. I imagine it is probably pretty typical of women my age and perhaps also typical of our current culture. Or maybe it… Read more →


Marker Mayhem 9 Is Now Available For Pre-Registration

  Marker Mayhem July is now available for pre-registration. Class officially opens on July 1st. In this class I demonstrate how I use color pencil to accent and enhance my marker paintings. Hope to see you there! Go to Gulfsprite’s Art Journal to learn more and sign up. Read more →



Several years ago I used color and hair to represent a woman floating in water. It seems to be a repeating motif in my artwork. Something I am drawn to repeating. I wonder if it could relate to my early childhood spent living on one type of boat or another? Read more →