Sewn patterns and fighting with hammers

I mentioned a little while ago my intention to take a summer camp style class this year. And I settled on Mary Ann’s class SEWN mainly because it fit in with what I already do and love. Not to mention I have been a reader of her blog for ever.

She is encouraging us to post our randomly made patterns so I took some quick instagram pics with my phone tonight. But first something has really been bothering me lately and today I got it taken care of. I took a pic of that too to show you:


As I am very allergic to pain medications I have only had Motrin for the last 4 days. Today the offending tooth was removed. Yes, the dentist wanted to ‘save it’ but I just couldn’t do it. Not after 3 days of near constant pain. And as much as I had hoped it would be feeling better, alas tonight it still feels like I got into a fight with a hammer. And the hammer won!

Tomorrow should be better.

Now that I have that out of the way… here are a ton of fast and fun pattern pages. I used big chunks of white craft paper.


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