Daily Painting


I paint something everyday. I don’t usually record them. I thought I would try to record at least one per week.

This week I am getting back to painting with acrylics. I gave them up for the most part when I decided to take up watercolor paints. I find if I force myself to work almost exclusively with a particular medium I get faster improvement. And watercolor was something I had not used in years other than the occasional dip here or there.

This is a warm up piece for a painting I am planning.
Enjoy and have a great day!

Daily Painting EP2

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3 thoughts on “Daily Painting

  1. Darlene says:

    When u started water colors I did too, luv it! The acrylic paint dry’s up so fast. But …I do like the brighter color look that acrylics can give. Never say never I guess…lol

  2. Layla Payton says:

    This was tons of fun to watch. Beautiful, inspiring work. I would have never guessed that SO many colors went into her skin tone, layer by layer.

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