About those collage sheets

Do you ever wonder how to go about using a collage sheet… like, is it ok to cut it up?

As far as I am concerned use it however it works for you. I cut them up, paste them down, sometimes I color them with markers or paint or color pencil. I reassemble bits and pieces of them. All in the aim of creating art journal / planner pages that make me happy.

It gets boring just using your own art sometimes. It often helps spark your creativity to play with the art of others.
Or it does for me. Often even just using my own art, scanned and reprinted, can be a way to put a new twist on my own style.

If you make your own, buy mine, or cut up pages from a book or magazine it is all fodder for creation. And there really are no rules 😉

Happy Creating!
~ Christy

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