Journal Bits™ IV – Calendar Girls

New journal / planner collage bits with all new girls.

I decided that there are times when I just want to have some more bits and pieces to make planner pages faster. So I created some daily and monthly headers. Then some numbers in circles. Then I had to draw some boxes and girls to go with them and etc. etc..

This is how it is with art. You follow the path to where ever it wants to lead you.

The girls are hand drawn/ painted by me in a variety of my personal styles. I wanted them to be cute, sassy and versatile.

I ended up with a fun little set of elements that I can use to create planner pages on the quick. And then I can go back in and add my own little touches.

And as I always do, I thought to share them with you. So I made up a brand new Journal Bits product and listed it over in my Etsy shop.

I love that I can cut these up too and use them with other collage bits to make an unlimited number of new pages.

In My Etsy

Happy Creating!
~ Christy

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