Our first official live show happened

We went 5 + hours and discussed collage in it’s many forms.

We started with basic collage using found images from a variety of sources. Faces and flowers being my fall back favorite things to create with.

We also worked on abstract collage and discussed layout/ composition, the benefits of using collage to explore color and story telling themes.

I try to stream for as long as students desire but I admit I shut it down after 5+ hours as I am still recovering from a cold.

Overall the feedback from the students was good and everyone enjoyed our first stream.

Our next session will be on February 17th. You can join us next month to learn all about painting with gouache and all of my tips and tricks with this beautiful paint. There are several different options you can choose from including all access for the entire year, pay as you go recurring payments and even just pick a month that interests you. Click here to visit the community page for all of the options and more information.

Happy Creating!
~ Christy

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