We are all beginners

Even if you have been doing something for ages, there is always something more to learn.

So I was forced to update to windows 10 and since microsoft is the maker of my camera and software, and since they decided to flat out stop supporting both, I have found myself with no way to record video.

That is not a fun feeling. It is rather frustrating.

I have purchased a new camera, and not a microsoft product this time, and am waiting for it to arrive.

Since then I have created a new product [see previous post] and have filled the in between moments with finishing up a blanket I have been crocheting [pictured above] and beginning a new one.

I don’t have any new yarn and don’t really want to purchase more at the moment [having just had to purchase a new camera]. So I grabbed a few balls of scrap yarn I had from other projects. And was also given a couple of other scrap bits of skeins that my mom was not planning to use up.

Whenever I start making a “scrappy” blanket [my name for it based on a similar concept from my scrappy journals] I am reminded that we are all beginners.

I try not to indicate a particular skills level [novice, journeyman, master] for any of my teaching because I feel that we are all learning regardless of skill level.

I have been teaching art journal concepts now for 7 years and creating art journal art for 10 or more, and I still learn new things. Often I learn as I create. Sometimes because I want to achieve a particular effect, sometimes entirely by accident as I simply do something with unexpected results.

But although I would class my skill level at expert I will always consider myself a beginner as well.

I think I have been crocheting now for around 3 years. It took me a ridiculously long time to start because I am left handed and everything appears backwards to me while attempting to learn from a right handed teacher.

Thanks to the internet and videos that were made specifically for left handed crocheters I finally was able to grasp how to do it.

At this point I spend my efforts just trying to get my stitches to be correct through the entire row. And although experienced crocheters often tell me I am quite talented/ or that I seem to have picked it up very quickly, I know my skill level is definitely at novice level.

For me this is an important reminder of how a beginner feels, what the journey is like, and what drives beginners to keep pushing and advancing.

I am grateful to be able to crochet. Grateful for all of those who help me to grow. And humbled by the knowledge that we all have to start somewhere.

Happy Creating!
~ Christy

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