Paint In The Dark

A narrated art journal workshop

I love this class so much I made two different promo videos for it. No really, I love this class!


Shadow People

Finally I realized that I could collaborate with someone and together we could make an awesome workshop experience. Thinking about who I might ask to work with me one night I realized I already knew the perfect person.

Laura and I have worked collaboratively many times and we work well as a team. We compliment each other in our differences and yet we are alike in many ways too.

When I approached Laura about this class idea I was pretty sure she would be on board. But I may have underestimated her talents a bit. After reading the first story… well, I feel lucky to be able to put together this class with her.

I hope you like this class as much as we do!

We are keeping the price low at $55.00. There are a total of 15 unique and inspiring stories and lessons. Class begins February 14th, 2018. One less will be posted each day until the end of the month.

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Happy Creating!
~ Christy

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