Marker Mayhem Class 3 Opens In Just A Few Days


And it is still on sale until January 1st. See you there! [click the photo above to learn more and purchase]

Daily Painting: Vote Of Confidence


Video: Paintings, Art Journal Mini-Flip, General Chat

Sewn patterns and fighting with hammers

I mentioned a little while ago my intention to take a summer camp style class this year. And I settled on Mary Ann’s class SEWN mainly because it fit in with what I already do and love. Not to mention I have been a reader of her blog for ever.

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How To Draw And Paint Eyes The Gulfsprite Style


For the longest time I have told everyone that I don’t teach drawing. This was due to the fact that I assumed everyone would want very detailed realistic drawing lessons from me. But over the last few years I have realized that really people want to learn how to draw the more whimsy ‘journal girl’ faces that I create.

I also constantly get the question of how much drawing do I teach in my Painted Faces I class.

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