I thought I would provide a location for you to see the various articles that I have been featured in. These range from web development / design to mixed-media art and graphic (digital) art. I also wanted to showcase any web site owners who have linked to me based on work I have done for them whether that be paid or pro-bono.

Somerset Studio | Stampington Magazine | September / October 2009

my artwork (this time digital) has been published in the upcoming issue of Somerset Studio. I have not seen the issue, only given a brief description of it from Linda who was lucky enough to receive a complimentary copy.

A Bit About The Collaboration:

This book was actually my first ever collaborative project and it was a big one. I signed up for 3 full pages so that left me with creating about 120 pages with exacting measurements and a very high level of quality (Ingrid insisted each book be of exceptional quality).

I also had the opportunity to work with my friend Linda on the inside back cover graphics (Linda worked on the copy writing).

All in all, there were 10 artists who participated and sent in handmade pages for each book (12 books total). I not only got to work with some fantastic artists, but I had the pleasure of making some friends who I still remain in contact with and whose art I follow. This entire project was kept under pretty tight wrap for a while but I did write a few blog posts about it here and here.

What a surprise to find out earlier this week that not only is our project in the new issue, but that my pages were featured. One of my pages featured in the issue is to the right “The Girl Shall Become The Butterfly”. That is my daughter and the original image was her being goofy while having to stand for a family photo session a few years ago. As soon as I sat down to brainstorm for this project I thought of this photo and ran with it. My other two pages are of my daughter’s boyfriend and my mom in her Halloween costume.

If you get a chance to see the issue let me know! From what I hear it hits bookshelves August 31st.

You Can Get One Of Two Copies Of The Exquisite Corpse Book Available For Auction:

All pages were created by the artists so you would receive the same book we received. Here is what Ingrid has to say about the auction and the reason we have two books available:

We decided to make 2 extra books as a safe guard. Fortunately all went well and none were lost or damaged through shipping. We now have 2 extra books that we would like to auction off. The 2 highest bidders will be the winners. All proceeds will go to Bernie Berlin’s “A Place to Bark”, a private no-kill pet rescue. Email Ingrid to make your bids. Bids will be taken until the end of September. I will periodically post the highest bidding amount. So, be generous, it’s for a great cause and it’s an outstanding book.

Poynter Institue

Many moons ago I worked for a newspaper and during a major hurricane in our area I was asked to make some last minute programming changes to our user forums to assist the community. The Poynter Institute was interested in what we did with our forums and our Online Editorial contact was kind enough to give me a mention. You can read about what we did here in our community to assist folks with information and messages and connecting with their loved ones outside of our local area when the internet was the only access they could get.

Adobe Kuler

In both web development and digital art I sometimes need to develop color schemes. And sometimes I am just looking for something to inspire me with color. When that happens I always use Kuler. Kuler is an online color scheme community from Adobe. I was graciously asked if I would like to have a profile of my art and color schemes made with Kuler listed on their products main site. Of course I said Yes. You can read more about my digital art and how I utilize Kuler to inspire, enhance and develop color schemes. Just click on the community link and scroll down the list to gulfsprite.

Coming soon will be a link to Adobe TV where they will feature my work and discuss my use of Kuler for digital design. How cool is that?!

Edited: 09/18/2008 Want to see the Adobe TV show that includes my art? OK, click here!

That is my website that is in the intro just when she talks about the various things you can make with kuler colors. Then my wallpaper is shown when she mentions the interior of a house. I sure wished they were going to do more than that but maybe in the future.

Layers Upon Layers

Edited: My profile is live on Layers Upon Layers: Artist Profile: Christy Sobolewski

Coming soon will be a link to my artist profile on LayersUponLayers. Cyndi the brilliant artist behind this site profiles mixed-media artists and she has asked to share my profile with her readers. How exciting to have a profile of me about my passion!

Recently Cyndi profiled my ATCs on her regular feature: Art Attack Thursday. You can see her wonderful comments by visiting LayersUponLayers.